Stephenville's own Six Market Blvd. has announced the band will take an indefinite hiatus in 2014 after five long years of success in the Texas Country music scene.

The news has saddened the band's widespread fan base who have taken to Twitter.†

Alexis Feazell tweeted, "All I want for Christmas is for Six Market Blvd to NOT break up #favorite #sadtweet."

Willie Body was also upset by the news.

"Hate to hear the news of Six Market Blvd calling it quits, good music and good guys #onemoremiletogo"

Lead singer Clayton Landua said his calling has changed and his life is taking a new direction.†

"I am simply wanting to go in a different direction in my life and it is certain that the good Lord above is playing a major role in this," Landau said in a press release. "Many opportunities come to mind as far as turning my music to the direction of ministry and whatever can come from it. Iím looking forward to the changes to come and seeing my family more often who have been so supportive of Six Market Blvd. over the years."

Six Market Blvd. formed at Tarleton back in 2009 and was one of the hottest Texas Country bands with their most recent record, "Shake It Down." They rose up the charts to become one of the most loved and anticipated groups in Stephenville.†

Even with the split there is something for fans to be optimistic about. Ben Hussey, bass player and vocalist, and the remaining band members will stay together.†

"We have always agreed to do whatever is necessary to keep each other happy in our pursuits, and if that means exploring other opportunities, then out of respect for each other so be it. Red, Josh, and myself are going to move forward playing music together and working on a new project. Exciting things are coming for and from us. Much love to you all and please keep supporting live music," Hussey said.

As of now, there will be two opportunities to see Six Market Blvd. before the hiatus. The first will be on New Year's Eve at City Limits and the band will also give their bon voyage concert at City Limits on Feb. 28.†