While ice, snow and sleet across Central Texas has caused numerous issues for area drivers, none of the accidents reported since the storm have caused major injuries, officials said.

"We've had 15 total accidents in our jurisdiction since the storm hit on Thursday," said Stephenville Police Chief Pat Bridges. "None of them have any major injuries listed. I think that's due in large part to careful driving by our residents. No one is getting out there speeding around and the accidents we've been sent to it seems people were going slow enough no one was seriously hurt."

Bridges said the only road the city has closed was the Southwest Loop for a brief period of time on Thursday. The loop's bridge over the Bosque River (near the city park) froze over before crews could get sand on it and several vehicles lost control. Bridges said none of the accidents were severe, but that the closing was to ensure the safety of the first responders on scene as they worked to clear the area.

"We did have to close the loop from Alexander Road to Graham Street for a brief period just after the storm hit," he said. "But it was only to avoid any additional risk to firefighters and police on scene. It was opened as soon as we were able to clear the bridge."

Chris Brooks with Erath County Fire Rescue said they've responded to only a few accidents. 

"We've had calls out to three accidents total since the storm hit, two of those were today (Monday)," Brooks said.

Bridges and Brooks both said they will continue to be on high alert until the storm is over and look to have more accidents as the weather warms up during the days and drops below freezing as the sun goes down.

"We will continue to monitor the weather and work with media to get information out to area drivers," Bridges said. "There is still a lot of ice and a lot of black ice out there. We are asking residents who do not need to be out to stay home, to stay off this ice if at all possible. If you do have to get out, give yourself plenty of time to get there and plenty of space between you and other vehicles. Take your time."