Do you think Wendy Davis can win to become Texas' next governor?

I sure hope not!! She won't have my vote! - Dawn Phelps Noland

Absolutely not! - Cindi S. Hall

I like the direction Texas is moving now. I want to keep that momentum, not conform to look like Detroit. So no. - Elliot Delka

Hope not! - Jimmieandalicia Benham

Absolutely - Beth Bock

I hope not! - Greg Tanner

We like to refer to her as well as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid as well as the Democrats in Washington DC as the "devil's concubines." Anyone who votes for her or other Democrats like her need a serious lesson in modern economics and the Bible. - David Farkas

100% yes! - Mark Brooks

Yes! - Veronica Walton

Yes, can't wait! - Sven GodMode Diesel

She will have to change her ideas on the second amendment. She is very anti gun. Texas proved they did not like this with Ann Richards. While on city council in Ft worth. She wanted to do away with gun shows on municipal property. I think this will be enough for her not to get elected. And add on her stance on abortion. I think Abbott will be elected. - Bart Garner