For the record, Lingleville is playing Granbury North Central Texas Academy Friday, but in reality, the Cardinals don't care who the opponent is.

"Our boys are just hungry to play because we didn't get to last week," said first-year Lingleville head coach Darrell Wallace. "That was kind of a depressing day for our team. We needed the rain, and we got plenty of it, but you can't play when your field is covered in standing water."

With the five inches of rain no longer a factor, the Cards focus instead on an NCTA (formerly Happy Hill Farm) team that showed its ability to blow up a scoreboard in last week's 80-32 victory over Mineral Wells Community Christian.

"They're 1-2, but they're a good 1-2," said Wallace. "They are capable of scoring fast, and they throw the ball as much as they run it, so we'll have to be ready to shut down the passing game."

NCTA, on the other hand, will have to shut down Robert VanKranenburg, a two-way all-state pick who has dominated from the spread back position in Lingleville's new offense.

Wallace said Lingleville has had a good two weeks of practice, and has learned a lot from its only loss to playoff regular Blackwell in its most recent outing.

"We preached to our kids coming off that game that we can play with teams like that if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot. We didn't have four turnovers all year, then we had four against them," Wallace said. "We got to the five and threw an interception, and we threw another one in the end zone. We dropped two touchdown passes that were right in our hands, and we fumbled the ball three times. You can't have mental lapses like that against a good team, because they'll make you pay.

"But we've learned a lot from that game, and worked on a lot of things that we saw go wrong there," he said. "I think we'll be able to look back and say that playing Blackwell made us a better team. I know it showed us where we need to get if we want to be a good playoff team."

Lingleville previously defeated Rising Star ad Moran and is 2-1 on the year. Besides beating Mineral Wells Community Christian, NCTA has lost to Blum, 66-28, and to Zephyr, 63-16.

Lingleville will make up last week's cancellation, Wallace said. The Cardinals are replacing their Oct. 18 open date with a trip to Cherokee.