Apple has released its latest upgrade for all iProducts iOS 7.0. With this upgrade a number of our customers have noticed something changing with their mobile access to the Empire-Tribune.

According to several E-T customers, after installing iOS 7.0, the app for the E-T no longer allowed the user access to the mobile site, nor could users find the app in the iTunes store. However, when going through Safari or Chrome, users had no trouble.

The E-T's IT department addressed the issue Wednesday and discovered the latest upgrade broke the connection with the bookmark on the home screen. According to company officials, what users have on their home screens is not an app, but a bookmark allowing users quick access to the site.

Fixing the problem takes just a few minutes. All users need to do is delete the old bookmark, access the site through their browser and click the "share" button on the screen. This will give users the option to "add bookmark to home screen," which they can do at any time, placing the link back on the user's home screen.