EASTLAND – William Len Rainey, 38, of Gorman, was convicted Monday by an Eastland County jury for indecency with a child. The guilty verdict returned after approximately 10 minutes of deliberation. Judge Steven Herod sentenced Rainey to life in prison.

Similar accusations against Rainey of sexual contact involving three other children under the age of 12 from the Gorman area were brought to a jury trial in 2001. That trial resulted in three not guilty verdicts and a hung jury in a fourth case.

In 2006, District Attorney Russ Thomason brought Rainey to trial on new charges and once again, a jury found the defendant not guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child but did find him guilty of tampering with evidence and assessed his punishment at seven years in prison.

In that case, Rainey had destroyed his computer and photographic evidence of a sexual assault of a four year old. The only evidence available for trial was witness testimony. The defendant pleaded guilty to an additional charge of indecency with a child by sexual contact on the same date he was found guilty in the tampering case. That charge resulted in Rainey being required to register as a sex offender.

While on parole, Rainey committed the current offense against an 11 year old child for which he is now convicted and serving the life sentence.

“Unfortunately, jurors are often reluctant to find a defendant guilty when the defendant is cunning enough to ensure that the only evidence for trial is the child’s testimony," Thomason said. "I wish the state had been able to convince a jury back in 2001, or again in 2006, that this monster was a sexual predator of children so that another child wasn’t damaged."