Stephenville's Blu Dornan has been selected to be this year's Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo Official Artist. 

Since a young age, Blu's mother and father encouraged him to excel at both drawing and roping. His dad, an artist as well, emphasized focus on accuracy and detail. He also taught Blu, who is naturally a lefty, to rope right-handed in order to be more competitive. This balance between artist and rodeo cowboy has given Blu a dynamic perspective for both creating artwork and competing in the arena.

Blu is currently attending Tarleton State University to finish his bachelor's degree in art. 

Whether it's graphic design, metal work, photography, or traditional art, Blu doesn't limit himself to one particular genre. He enjoys the diversity of the arts, but has a special passion for portraiture and strong subject matter. He also discovered by giving his art a purpose or function, such as donating work or proceeds to help various individuals and organizations, that art in today's society can still play a pivotal and meaningful role.

"While most people approach a task from one perspective, I look at that same project from about 10 different points of view on a microscopic scale," Blu said. "Then I picture every possible problem and outcome in my mind before I begin.  From there, it's just a trial and error process towards a finished work."