Do you have a yearning to walk?

If you do, then a walk in Spain might be your calling. That’s where Howard and Carolyn Martin participated in a walk last summer. Howard is the Senior Pastor of the local First United Methodist Church.

Over a two-week period, the couple covered about 125 miles of the famous Camino de Santiago 500-mile walk that begins in southern France and winds its way through the northern Spain.

Carolyn  returned  this summer with her sister, Glenda Putska of  Houston. Howard was unable to accompany them. Carolyn  and Glenda covered about 300 miles of the famed trails and paths. They were in Spain for 30 days.

The Martins offer this explanation --  persons have a choice of walking the entire 500 miles, ride bicycles or travel by motor vehicles. As for the summer weather – the temperature can dip to the 30s at night and approach the 90s during the day.

How did this walk become so popular with people in Europe and tourist from over the   world? It was the path St. James, the Patron Saint of Spain, made prior to his death in 44 A.D.  St. James was attempting to convert the people in Spain to Christianity.

Upon returning to Judea  in 44 A.D., St. James was ordered beheaded by Emperor Herod  Agrippa. Christians carried St. James’  body, via ship, back to Spain, where legend has it he was buried  at Santiago de Compostela, which is located in the northwestern part of Spain.  

If you are a walker and you desire a historic route to follow, you might ask Howard or Carolyn  about the “Spanish Walk.”

A Stephenville loss

Ye OLD Columnist (YOC) lost a dear friend a few days ago – Dr. Mack E. McLeod, long-time  education professor at Tarleton State University. Mack and his wife, Laura, moved to Stephenville in 1964, when the elementary education program was getting started.

The couple was active in the community and their church. This city  lost a dedicated citizen, and one who had a sincere interest in his students being successful in the classroom and competing in this complex world.

Snippets sends its best to Laura,  the couple’s two children, Laura Leigh and Tom, the grandchildren and the entire McLeod family.

‘Sounds of Music’

One of the greatest changes in music in the past 50 years has been the Dolby Sound System.

The individual, who perfected this technique, was Ray Dolby, who lived in San Francisco.  Dolby recently died at the age of 80. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and acute leukemia.

His Dolby Sound System was able to remove the “hissing sound” often heard on recordings. Dolby’s audio break-through came about in the mid-1960s.  

New style

You will note with this column, the makeup or style of Snippets has a slight change. Sub-heads are now being used. These are centered headlines set in  boldface type to indicate a new topic is being introduced, and to reduce the “gray matter”  in the column.

YOC trust you will accept this change. The hope is that the style will benefit the reader.

’TIL NEXT TIME --  “If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you. Anonymous.

Dr. Stuart Chilton, a retired educator/journalist, lives in Stephenville.