Gas prices have continued to drop during the past week - and in Erath County the average price of a gallon is $3.19 - the lowest since July.

And the good news is that prices are expected to drop even more.

The United States national average was $3.49 Monday, about 33 cents less a gallon than the price this time last year. There are eight states currently that have some areas selling gas for less than $3 a gallon. The list, which could expand to a dozen more this week, includes South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, Georgia and Oklahoma. 

Only one state has an average above $4 a gallon and that is Hawaii. 

The average in Texas for a gallon of unleaded gasoline is $3.21, down $.07 from last week. 

Chief Oil Analysts at GasBuddy Tom Kloza is predicting a slow but steady decrease in retail gas numbers, thanks to high U.S. refining rates and consumer demand. 

Stephenville resident Cathy Riley has noticed the gas prices fluctuating around town, but doesn't see it as an improvement.

"I don't see it helping the economy at all," she said. "When gas goes down something else will just increase in price."