Team Juggernaut took first place in the 2013 Texas Time Trials last weekend in Glen Rose. Team Juggernaut consists of two Stephenville residents, Kenneth Jones and Barry Shaw.

The two clinched the title after riding 106 miles in six hours, 13 minutes and four seconds, a track record. The race consisted of each man riding 53 miles individually, with no drafting allowed. Also, Shaw and Jones rode road bikes instead of time trial bikes. According to Jones the difference is like comparing a "Porsche and Ferrari. They're just two totally different things."

"Guys on a time trial bike don't like it when someone on a road bike passes them," Shaw said. "They're supposed to ride quicker."

In the last leg, the team went on to overcome a 12-minute deficit and win the event by almost four minutes.

They have higher goals set for next year. They want to compete and win the Texas Time Trial Ultra Cup.

"We really want to win this thing as a team," Shaw said.