Libraries are a big part of today's school system and have been for years - and librarians are the ones who push students to read.

Lynne Hamilton has been a librarian in the Stephenville school district for 28 years. She loves her job and has no intention of leaving Chamberlin Elementary and the students who are in their raw reading stages. 

What is the best thing about your job?

The children of course. The children and books are my favorite things. I like education and I like working for the school system. I have the best job there is. I get to see every teacher and student in the school. I'm not locked down to one class, I get to see them all and that's awesome. It puts my two favorite things together - books and kids. 

What does it mean to see the kids committing to reading and to books?

I was influenced greatly by two librarians growing up, one in Dallas and the other in Lubbock. For me as a person who didn't really like to read and then get the position of librarian and now loving to read and being avid at it, I see the importance. If we can get the reading under the kids' belts we can accomplish most subject matter. Even if it's a math problem on a test, even those questions require reading. It's the bridge that pulls everything together. 

What are some of the things the kids do that make this worthwhile?

Some of the little things the kids say. They'll say some of the nicest things to you and are so innocent. It's a joy to be around them every day.