Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Eighth grade in Morgan Mill is a special year. This year there are ten students who have their thoughts on football, cheerleading, and drill team. This Thursday, Sept. 26, is the first time this year for MM to play football at home. Hunter Mashburn is the quarterback and linebacker. They have beaten their opponent, Stephenville Faith, twice in the past so they may be confident. Hunter was student of the month in his fourth grade. As an eighth grader, he knows that he will be expected to help out more with “stuff.” Stone Tassione will be a wide receiver this week. He has attended MM since the third grade. He is also looking forward to basketball season. All the boys have grown over the summer. The one thing that both boys are not looking forward to this year is the STARR test. Cece Cline started MM as a kindergartner. She was student of the month that year. She has been a cheerleader since her sixth grade. She is confident that this is going to be a great year. Adriana Moreno is a cheerleader for the first time. She has been in drill team since the sixth grade, but is looking forward to being a cheerleader and hopes that she can keep her grades up. Justin Ansley will be our kicker, tight end, and also linebacker for football. He said that he has been gifted with size that enables him to run through people. Justin was student of the month his seventh grade year. Cade Landsdown has been in MM since his second grade and was student of the month his third grade. He will play center and middle linebacker. Cade remembers the Valentine Dance and is looking forward to it this year. Both boys are looking forward to the completion of MM new athletic complex and hope that they will get a weight room, also. Daxon Francis will play running back and wide receiver. He remembers all of the previous Thanksgiving Dinners that he has had to serve. He is hoping that this year as an eighth grader that he will get to eat before they run out of food. Sid Davis will be a running back this Thursday. He was the first student of the month for this year. He is looking forward to the Valentine Dance because he remembers missing it last year. Nikki Faulkner is our one newcomer for this year. She has been attending Alvarado Junior High, but thinks that MM is “pretty special.” Nikki is walking on crutches because of a horse stepping on her ankle, but she said that she will be on the football field in the drill team. Hanna Pierce is the last Pierce in her family to attend MM. She will be the drill team manager. She is excited that the new speaker system will be mounted on the new scoreboard so the drill team will be able to hear the music this year. I asked, “Who will be Valedictorian of the eighth grade this year?” The answer I received was either Sid or Daxon. I guess we will see.

The first fundraiser for the Morgan Mill School will be this Tuesday, Sept. 24, at CiCi Pizza in Stephenville. The class that has the most participants will receive a school pizza party. Come out to CiCi Pizza and help out MM.