With his firing several weeks ago, an ex-officer for the Dublin Police Department felt it was time to break his silence. Scott Makowski said he had no ties to the department anymore and therefore was no longer keeping quite about the things he's seen.

Makowski told the Empire-Tribune he had approximately 20 allegations against the department that he was presenting to the Texas Rangers last week. Following his meeting with the Rangers, Makowski said he could not speak further on the matter until the investigation was complete. The E-T does know he presented several allegations against the department to Texas Rangers and he has met with attorneys about the matter.

The Empire-Tribune also spoke to Dublin Police Chief Shawn Fullagar who said he investigated one allegation Makowski presented to him, but found no basis to the claim. He said Makowski's firing had nothing to do with the allegation he presented, but declined to speak further.

"We have nothing to hide," Fullagar said of the allegations. "I told him when he was unsatisfied with the results of my investigation that he could take his complaint higher. I told him to take it to the DA, the Texas Rangers or the FBI if he felt like I was wrong."

Fullagar said no one at Dublin City Hall or the police department has been contacted by the Texas Rangers on the matter as of Thursday.

Fullagar said he has called the Texas Rangers, but has not heard back from them.

"I look forward to the opportunity to discover the issues that seem to be causing concerns for Mr. Makowski," Fullagar said on Thursday. "I still offer my full cooperation to any investigative agency that might be looking into those concerns."

Fullagar said he and City Manager Nancy Wooldridge share the same belief that governments should be as transparent as possible.

"We've got nothing to hide here in Dublin, so we're inviting any law enforcement official who's investigating this case to come and go through our files, interview our officers and whatever else they need to do to clear this up," Wooldridge said. "I don't believe there is anything to the claims, but if there is, I want to know and I want it fixed. Either way, good or bad, this issue needs to be addressed, cleared up and we need to move forward."