Laurie Hamby had a really good day Wednesday.

The Allsup's Convenience Store manager was recognized as the Clean TEAM initiative winner for the second year in a row - earning her a check for $25,000. 

"I'm so proud, it feels amazing," Hamby said. "I've got a great team and without them and without our customers this wouldn't be possible." 

The feat was accomplished by outperforming more than 170 other stores across the Southwest. 

"It's a series of criteria that each store has to meet within their district," said employee Tyler Weiland.

The stores are rated on the cleanliness of the bathrooms, how well the shelves are stocked and customer service.

"She (Hamby) had above and beyond the best store in the district," Weiland said. "For us it's remarkable she was able to beat all the stores for a second consecutive time." 

Lonnie Allsup, owner and founder of Allsup's, is also proud of his store.

"It's outstanding, this store is awesome. It's so wonderful she won this award twice and I couldn't be more proud," he said.

Last year, Hamby won a new car for her efforts.