HERE’S  A phone number you might include in your quick reference file – 965-CASH (2274).

It’s the phone number for Crimestoppers.

As you probably know, this is a nation-wide organization designed to solve and prevent crime. It offers cash rewards to those calling in tips that lead to a conviction of  a person or persons committing a crime.

A few days ago,  OLD Goat members heard a presentation by two key members of the local Crimestoppers’ unit.  They were Lt. James Gresham of the Stephenville Police Department, who also serves as the Law Enforcement Coordinator for Crimestoppers; and Barry McNellie, Chairman of the organization’s eight-member Board. Non-police persons are board members. 

The organization had its beginning in 1976 in Albuquerque, N.M., and the first unit in Texas was set-up in 1978. The organization was incorporated in 1986.

Most of the local unit’s money for rewards is generated from individuals placed on probation by the District Court. A fee of $25 per probation person is paid to the local Crimestoppers.

Other funds have been received from federal and state grants; however, these funds are more difficult to obtain at the present time, Lieutenant Gresham pointed out.

The Stephenville chapter has a budget of $25,000. This compares with the City of Houston, which has a budget of about $5million.

Thus far in 2013, 60 tips have been received in Stephenville, including 20 follow-up tips. One of the most publicized tips resulted in apprehending four fugitives, who had robbed four convenience stores in the city in a period of four days.   

So, if you see something that appears to be suspicious, give Crimestoppers a call at 965-CASH (2274). You may remain anonymous. One never knows, your call  might deter or solve a crime.

The OLD Goats sends its thanks to Marion Cole, Stephenville resident, for arranging the Crimestoppers presentation.

SUNDAY WILL be a BIG day in Stephenville and the Northern Hemisphere. It will mark the first day of Autumn or Fall (as we often called it). In scientific language, it is termed, Autumnal Equinox, which means the day and night are of equal length on that date.

Autumn will end on December 22, when Mr. Winter  makes his initial appearance.

NEXT WEEK’S Snippets will feature a column on the Camino de Santiago Walk in Spain. Two Stephenville residents recently walked part of this network of  trails and paths.

It’s the path the Apostle St. James walked many centuries ago.   

Tune in next Tuesday to learn more about these Stephenville walkers and the historic Spanish walk.  

PLANS  CONTINUE to move along in honoring the first bachelor degree graduating class from Tarleton State University.

These graduates will be featured at Tarleton’s Homecoming, Oct. 25-26.

 It was 50 years ago these students walked across the commencement stage in May and August, 1963. Twenty-nine graduates were in the May graduation, while six were in the August commencement.

Bonnie Peterson,  Executive Director of  the Tarleton Alumni Association, says she expects a good turnout at the Homecoming festivities. Thirty-three of the 35 graduates have been located. Eleven of the 35 are deceased.   

’TIL NEXT TIME – To paraphrase from Voltaire (1694-1778),  French writer, historian and philosopher,  “[Individuals] often use thoughts  only to justify their wrongdoings, and speech only to conceal their thoughts.”

Dr. Stuart Chilton, a retired educator/journalist, lives in Stephenville.