It's 8:40 a.m. on Saturday. I'm not just waking up, I've tossed and turned since a few minutes after 7 despite not going to sleep until 2.

I couldn't let myself go to bed without getting stories from Dublin's football win and Tarleton's volleyball victory online, after all.

But five hours of sleep or eight, who cares. Adrenaline will carry me through this day. Two games with very little, or no, time between them at two impressive stadiums, 25 miles apart, in two separate but connected cities. It's going to be a blast, a day I've been excited about since I saw the Stephenville and Tarleton football schedules and noticed that once again the Yellow Jackets' presence in the Lone Star Classic and Tarleton's season opener in the Lone Star Conference Football Festival would overlap.

I better shower, call a coach or two, shore up some more sports from last night. It will be 10:30 a.m. before I know it, time to leave for Dallas and game one of two.

Oh, before I pause though, a big shout out to my hometown team, the Dublin Lions. This crazy football weekend started Friday night with a quick trip up to Santo Wildcat country. Dublin intercepted five of 10 passes and Brady Holleman and Dirk DeVries each went off offensively. I hope Zoey Kendall's ankle is well and good and the Lions are ready to take it to Valley Mills on homecoming night in D-town Friday. Can Dublin, yes, that Dublin, really start 3-1?

Shower time, I'll be back when we're all safely at Kincaide.

We arrived at Kincaide Stadium in far south Dallas at 12:26 p.m. and guess what? The elevator had just gone out of service. Jessie "Flash" Horton and myself trudged up the steps to the press box, while Russell Huffman prepared to shoot his always stunning photos from the field, where the turf was so hot that Stingerette dancers were almost in tears after dancing barefoot at halftime.

Flash and I reached the top, ate a Luby's sandwich and soon enough she was headed down to video the start of the game and I was busy chalking up the stats from each play and keeping fans updated through Cover It Live and Twitter.

Flash took over the Cover It Live - after another jaunt up the stairs through the bleachers - after the first quarter - she's much better than I - and Stephenville finally began playing well in the second.

The Jackets went on a 28-0 run to overcome a 28-6 deficit, and led 36-26 before holding on for a 46-32 victory. It was strange enough, with Dillard tossing three picks and losing two fumbles and the teams combining for 21 penalties, making the game take what seemed like forever. It ended at 4:07 p.m., after more than three hours.

Okay, I'm back again, this time from AT&T Stadium. It's 4:42 p.m. and we missed the first quarter of the Tarleton State-Midwestern game, but we knew we would. Guess what? The elevator inside Jerry's $1.2 billion home of the Cowboys works just fine. In fact, it might be the fastest elevator in Texas, and the girl running it is a pleasure to visit with going up and down.

We just got seated and Midwestern is beating Tarleton 10-0. Texans better get it going.

Well the game just ended, at 6:55 p.m. officially - I show 6:58, but hey its three minutes - and Tarleton got it going indeed. How about Jake Fenske and Aaron Doyle going off through the air and Jerome Regal and Zach Henshaw doing it on the ground? Texans win 27-24, upsetting a nationally-ranked MSU team for the second straight year.

Tarleton had a 27-0 run after Stephenville used a 28-0 run earlier to get the 'W'. Even Dublin had a string of 14 straight points last night - I know, not really a run - so consecutive scores were a big part of my football weekend.

The biggest things the Texans did - shut down All-American Keidrick Jackson. Of course, we've all known for a long time that Cary Fowler knows how to coach a defense to stop the run.

Now I've been down on the world class elevator and back up, having gone to Tarleton's post game press conference in between. Man, if only Tarleton had a place back home where interviews could be done as easily, I'd be all set.

Now, I'm back in the press box looking down on Angelo State getting started against Colorado State-Pueblo as Flash and I work to finish the final "assets" - there's you a good example of industry jargon - for the Sunday paper.

It's 8:49 p.m. now, knocking out the final assets and hoping for a safe trip home. Oh, and some food. I'm quite hungry after a long day with only a delicious burrito from Lupe's early this morning to eat. Okay, it was a burrito and a half. Flash didn't finish her's, so I gladly picked up the slack.

As we prepare to finish the job for the night and pack up for the journey home - beginning with one more awesome elevator ride - we reminisce on what has been a busy, sometimes stressful and exciting day.

Wins by the Texans and the Yellow Jackets - both in comeback fashion - after a victory by the hometown Lions last night. That's a perfect weekend of football in my book.

Wait, the Cowboys haven't played yet. Well, at least they haven't if you're reading this before noon.

Here's hoping Romo and the gang do what it takes to complete this great weekend. In the meantime, Flash, Russell and I are out of here, saying goodbye to Jerry World and all the wonderful people from the Lone Star Conference who make this event awesome.

Long day of work, fun day with friends and a great day on the gridiron.

Life is good. Especially if you're living it with the City of Champions.