Everyone remembers what they were doing, where they were and who they were with on the morning of September 11, 2001. The worst terrorist attack on American soil changed each of us forever.

Now, 12 years later, Erath County residents are talking about the impact that day had on them.  

Tommy Bryant, Erath County sheriff

Not a day goes by that I'm not somehow reminded of that date. Every time I think about it, it makes me extremely proud I live in the free country which I do. I think it makes me realize that on any given day there is someone out there plotting to take that freedom away from us. I'm more aware of things that could happen that I used to not worry about. 

Kayli Bohannon, vet tech and Tarleton student

The thing that has stuck with me the most is the false sense of security we had prior to the attack is gone. We now know we can be a target at any time. 

Shawn Fullagar, Dublin police chief

I will always remember where I was and what I felt when it happened. The lasting effect however was positive. My wife had flown to Boston and was trapped due to the grounding of air travel. I got in my pickup and headed north to go and get her. On my way in every place I looked there were bedsheets painted like flags. There were red, white and blue cups arranged like flags in hurricane fencing. From the tiniest burg in Tennessee to Boston everyone did what they could to help and show their patriotism. The lasting impact is that patriotism still exists in America, even though it is not often showcased like it was after 9/11. 

Martha Taylor, Stephenville City Council

9/11 has definitely changed the way I think about traveling by plane, attending events with large crowds or walking into a government building, and sending my kids to school every day. I still do all of these things, but not without thinking about those who lost their lives and family members that day.

Tab Thompson, county judge

Our country is vulnerable. We're vulnerable to terroristic attacks. For the longest time we haven't been plagued with that. It's certainly a reality and we are vulnerable. I think that it requires all of us to be more vigilant, that means the government and the citizens. We certainly don't want to take our safety or our freedom for granted.

Thomas Ferguson, Tarleton student

It showed how close we are as a country and that whenever people try and hurt us it only makes us stronger and brings us together. Another lasting impact though it that I'm terrified to fly in a plane now.