The Northwest Loop in Stephenville has been a hot topic around town due to what some consider to be slow construction. However, a change with the way traffic is routed is about to change. 

"The sealcoat on the first half of the loop was completed Monday," said TxDOT representative Natalie Galindo. "The striping will begin on Thursday and once that is complete, traffic will be moved over to the completed side." 

The $1.3 million project has been frustrating for many who have endured slow moving traffic on the busy road. And although construction is moving forward, there is still a ways to go until the project is complete.  

"They'll start the rebuilding of the second half of the loop after traffic has been moved over. After the second half is finished a hot mix overlay will be applied to the entire two-mile spread," Galindo said. 

The hot mix overlay will cause the worst of the traffic because both lanes will be covered and a pilot vehicle will be in use to navigate traffic through the loop for a few days. 

The project is expected to be complete by the end of November.