It's official. The Dublin City Council voted unanimously Monday to make Nancy Wooldridge Dublin's permanent city manager. 

"We're very happy to have Nancy on board with us," said Mayor David Leatherwood. "She's already been an asset to the city and I'm sure she'll continue to be as we go into this further."

Leatherwood said with the resignation of Lannie Lee, former city manager, he was at a loss as to who to speak with about taking on the job of interim as the city searched for a permanent solution. Knowing the city needed someone with good business sense and with Dublin at heart, Leatherwood said he thought of Wooldridge.

Having worked with her on the chamber board, Leatherwood said he knew she cared about the community. 

Wooldridge, a long-time resident of Dublin, took on the position of interim on July 8. With a strong management background, Wooldridge served as the secretary/treasurer for the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, where she also served as executive director.

"I'm excited about the possibilities this brings and I'm looking forward to continuing my work with the city's wonderful staff," Wooldridge said. "We've had a lot of big changes recently, good ones I believe, and I think people can expect more."

With the hiring of Police Chief Shawn Fullagar, the election of a new mayor and now the appointment of a new city manager, many Dublin residents are looking to the new leadership for more effective change. As Wooldridge takes the wheel, she says she hopes to help the city find ways to run "better, smarter and more efficiently."