For years those answering calls for jury duty have had to traverse the dangerous mountains and valleys that made up the annex parking lot. But with the combined work of commissioners Joe Brown and Dee Stephens and their crews, in the span of about a week, the annex parking lot is looking brand new.

According to Brown and other county officials, the property the parking lot sits on, along with the annex and courthouse, are all county property and, therefore, under the maintenance responsibilities of the county. But the parking lot surrounding the courthouse still belongs to the city.

The parking lot is in Brown's Precinct 3 and he said he has been working on getting it repaved for some time.

"We'd been getting together a plan to repave the parking lot when I got a call two weeks ago that there wouldn't be any jury trials last week," Brown said. "It was the perfect opportunity to try and get the parking lot finished before another big trial gets underway."

Because of the time crunch, Stephens and his crew stepped in to help. 

Brown said the materials alone cost the county about $25,000, not including the cost of manpower and equipment. 

"These are the kinds of things you don't plan for specifically, but you know are coming," he said. "The parking lot needed to be paved, so we paved it."

The county hopes to reopen the parking lot today.