His firing last week was for "disciplinary reasons," according to Dublin Police Chief Shawn Fullagar, but Scott Makowski said it was more than that. The now ex-Dublin police officer said he brought allegations to light about a fellow officer that the department refused to acknowledge.

While Makowski said he cannot speak further on the matter at this time, the Empire-Tribune does know he presented several allegations against the department to Texas Rangers and he has met with attorneys about the matter.

Fullagar said he investigated the one allegation Makowski presented to him and found no fault or basis to the claim. He said Makowski's firing had nothing to do with the allegation he presented, but declined to speak further about the situation.

"We have nothing to hide," Fullagar said. "I told him when he was unsatisfied with the results of my investigation that he could take his complaint higher. I told him to take it to the DA, the Texas Rangers or the FBI if he felt like I was wrong."

Fullagar said he knew nothing about any other complaints when asked about the fact that Makowski allegedly presented an estimated 20 allegations against the Dublin PD to Texas Rangers.

"If he'd have come to me, I would have looked into them," Fullagar said. "If he's still concerned, then I'm glad he went ahead with it. My department will cooperate completely with any investigation the Rangers wish to do."

Makowski said the allegations he presented to the Texas Rangers were regarding possible corruption within the department and falsifying government documents, in addition to the investigation about another officer.

"I haven't said anything before because the department was my job and I wasn't going to go against my job," Makowski said. "But now, since that has come to an end, I cannot, in good conscience, continue to keep silent. I'm following my moral compass and making this known."