Commissioners agreed Monday to go out for a number of annual bids on services including extermination, uniforms, cleaning and maintenance.

Commissioners also took care of sheriff and constable fees. Judge Tab Thompson said the fees must be approved every year and Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant was on hand to answer any questions the court might have had. The fees were approved unanimously by the court.

Commissioner of Precinct 1, Dee Stephens, advised the court of his plan to push a fence row along County Road 252. Stephens said when a big rain comes, the water washes across the roadway as the upper creek tries to flow in with the lower creek. Pushing the fence row and creating better drainage along the roadway will fix the majority of the road damage issues. The court approved the request.

Before adjourning, commissioners discussed allowing commissioner of Precinct 2, Herbert Brown, to donate salvage steel from the Lingleville pit for a handrail on the new Dublin Historical Society and Museum bridge. Brown said the museum is currently working to install a footbridge across the drainage ditch to allow people walking from the parking lot to the library easier access. The court agreed within the confines of what the county can donate - the steel but no services or labor.

The next regular meeting of the Erath County Commissioners will be held at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 23, on the second floor of the Erath County Courthouse.