When all else fails, run the ball. And if they stop that, run it the other way.

Rio Vista sold out defensively to limit Hico standout Duane Hyles and the "toss smash" play he executed time and again when the Tigers beat Dublin in their season opener, but head coach Keith Wood and staff were prepared for that.

They just worked the same play the other way, allowing fullbacks Dakota Mullins and Blake Hyles to combine for 266 yards on just 19 carries in a 41-14 rout of Rio Vista Friday.

"They loaded the side down where we tossed the smash so much against Dublin, and that made it a tough night for Duane," said Wood. "But it was good for us. We had prepared for it, because we knew they were going to see it on film. We just worked it to the other side with our fullbacks all week, and they combined for abou 270 rushing yards."

Blake Hyles had 139 yards on just nine carries and Mullins gained 127 yards on 10 trips.

The Tigers also worked more on running their wing-T offense out of the shotgun, as they showed against Dublin the week prior.

"We worked out of the gun and ran stuff with our fullbacks, and that was popping open for us," Wood explained.

Tyler Turner needed just four carries to rush for 85 yards, helping the Tigers to 503 total yards.

"We had some turnovers and things go wrong, and really felt like we were hit or miss offensively," Wood said. "Then we stat ourselves and see that we had 500 yards, so something went right."

The Tigers attempted just three passes, but burned Rio Vista with one when Hunter Wood hit Cade Hitzfeld for a 70-yard touchdown.

Hico's defense allowed only 140 total yards, and through two games has surrendered just 256.

"Defensively, we played pretty well," Wood said. "And we needed to because our offense put our defense in a bind a few times."

The Tigers visit Hamilton next week for the annual Hamilton County rivalry showdown.

"That's always a big one," Wood said. "We won't have to do any motivating for this one."

Wood said he is paying no attention to Hamilton's 0-2 start to the season.

"I've seen these two teams get together when one of us is having a good year and the other is struggling and seen crazy things happen," Wood said. "You can just chunk the records out the window, because you're going to get the very best out of both teams."