If you have stepped inside Stephenville High School recently you probably noticed something different. That new structure is the future home of the school's security check-in. 

"As we move forward, people will need to come into the front doors and they will be checked in quickly and will then be able to go on their way," said Principal Travis Stilwell.  

Access Control, a computerized system that monitors when doors are open and shut is also being installed. Employees will have key cards and will use them to gain access to certain parts of the building. 

“We are excited about all of the security upgrades that are happening at SHS," Stilwell said. "With the upgrades, we will have a few minor procedural changes for campus visitors. That being said, we are working diligently to remain an inviting and friendly campus while maintaining a safe environment for our students. I am thankful for a supportive community and school board for allowing us to make SHS a safe place for students.”

Gilbert Intermediate School also received an upgrade, a taller fence, which will secure the perimeter of the building. 

“School safety and security is on everyone’s mind these days," said Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd. "We all want our kids to be able to come to school and learn in a safe and secure environment. Once completed, it will create slight changes for visitors to the campuses. But I hope everyone will be patient and understand that these changes are all in an effort to keep our kids as safe as possible.