The E-T sat down with Karoline Mantz, kitchen manager at Chamberlin Elementary, to talk about school, food, and of course, kids.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The kids of course. A lot of it is the small things like getting a hug when you least expect it or when I'm out in public they'll recognize me and tug at their moms shirt and say, "that's my lunch lady!" I also have one boy who comes through and will sometimes say, "You're so pretty!" I work with the young ones and they're just fun. 

What is your favorite meal to prepare for the kids?

I like what the kids like, and what the kids really like is chicken nugget day. They're all in for chicken nugget day. It may not be the most difficult thing to cook but they're used to going to McDonalds or somewhere like that so they like it whenever we make the chicken nuggets. 

What's the best thing about working in a lunch room?

The people I work with and the kids. Everyone here gets along really well. I like getting the time off in the summer just like everyone else who works at the school, that's definitely a perk. 

Mantz has worked at Chamberlin Elementary for nine years and has been in children nutrition at Stephenville ISD for 14 years.