Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

One of my favorite articles for “milling around” is the first impressions of the MM kindergartners. This year, Mrs. Kimple, has eight new Morgan Mill kindergartners. The first one, Dillan Austin Soderlind, said that his first week was bad. He said that he was afraid, but then “he got used to it.” He admitted to being fearful, but now has a change of heart. Sierra Stacey was excited, but needs her nap. Her favorite activity is drawing. Both of the kids said that they liked playing with the toys and puzzles. I learned a new term, “butterfly feet.” Preslea Elston demonstrated the art of butterfly feet that do not disturb the other classes when you go down the halls. I always like to ask about the new rules that they learned. They all had the “no poking, no pushing, no kicking, and no biting down. They were happy to announce that no one got in trouble last week. They all have a stick with their names on it. If they get in trouble the stick is turned around. Sierra thinks that no one is going to get their stick turned around. Georgina Fela likes coloring. She did forget her rules but she remembered to “make friends with others.” Hayley Eubank likes the treasury box. She got a bracelet. Brandon Hyer likes the merry-go-round. He likes to push and jump on. Morgan Mill has discussed about scraping the old merry-go-round, but it seems to be their favorite. Kolter Jackson said that he got some binoculars from the treasury box. He remembered the rules of “be nice to others.” Evie Bruton has a new dress for school. She said that her brother, Austin, in the first grade was grumpy last week, but she liked school. Her rules were no kicking, no pushing, and no anything.

Remember your Box Tops. The kids are in their contest to see which class can bring in the most coupons. If you do not have a favorite kid, pick a grade level. Shannon Buchanan, president of PTF, said that they collected more coupons last year than ever before.

Your school board met last week and maintained your tax rate. Superintendent Dean Edwards did warn that they had to dip into the reserve fund this year to make the budget. This is the second year that this has been necessary. A tax hike election may be in the future, but everything is sound now. The new purchases last year were a new bus, air conditioner, lockers, screens, fencing, and irrigation system for the football field.

Do not forget breakfast with waffles and the Arts and Crafts Fair next Saturday. The big day starts at 7 at the Community Center and continues at the Tabernacle until 4. Come early and stay late for all of the great “one-of-a-kind” gift items.