Citizens showed plenty of disapproval for the proposed increase in the tax rate Tuesday during the Stephenville City Council meeting. City Hall was packed with citizens ready to voice their concerns.

If the tax rate is increased it will bump up to .495% from .485%. 

Ten individuals spoke against the increase, expressing multiple reasons as to why it should stay the same. 

"I am not opposed to taxes or opposing the bringing in of revenue," said Stephenville resident Zena Mobley. "However, I must respectfully disagree with raising the city property tax almost 5%. What I would like to see this current council focus more on is providing the environment for economic growth through opening regulatory barriers and lowering the tax rate." 

Also opposing the tax rate was Cipriano Rivera, a school teacher in Stephenville.

"My wife and I are both teachers and quite honestly we can't make it. Groceries and gas are almost 50% more than last year," Rivera said. "I think the toughest thing is having two college educated professionals in the home and struggling to make it and this tax increase is not going to help." 

Later in the meeting the budget was amended after Russ McDanel, place 4, proposed cuts that would balance the budget without raising the tax rate. Mayor Kenny Weldon's vote ended the split and the amendment passed.  

Russ McDanel encourages the public to come out next Tuesday evening for another public hearing on the proposed tax rate.

"With the council ratifying the budget on Tuesday night I hope the effect is that the proposed tax rate will drop from .495% to .485%," McDanel said. "I still encourage the citizens to come to the next two meetings to make sure this occurs."