C-Cubed Computers, located in Washington Place Shopping Center, is a father and son business boasting over 20 years of experience in the computer industry. Owners Donald and James Benstine specialize in service, repair and the building of custom computer systems. Their shop opened in Stephenville in September.

Question: Don, you liken the difference between computers today and the ones you started with as being akin to the difference between a horse and buggy and a rocket ship. What is your background and what changes have you seen over the years?

Answer: “I got my degree in the 70's in systems programming. My expertise is in programming, not hardware. James knows 10 times more about computer hardware than I do.

“We had a computer that took up the entire floor of a building in the financial district in San Francisco. It had one meg of RAM. You have much more in your cell phone than we had in that computer.”

Question: One of your specialties is computer virus removal and prevention. What makes your virus protection service more effective than the mass produced anti-virus software we can buy in the box stores?

Answer: (Don) “People paying for annual renewal for security, which is what they are purchasing, are wasting their money. There is virus protection that is free. Microsoft has put out Microsoft Security Essentials. You can go on their site and download it for free. But viruses are only three percent of your problem.”

(James) “The main problem is spyware or malware. That's what comes in and locks up your computer. They put up a false screen saying you're infected. They tell you, 'Contact our website, have your credit card ready and we'll fix your computer for you.' But they don't.

“We've put together a package that puts both virus and spyware or malware protection on your computer for a one-time, lifetime fee. It's transferable to your subsequent computers as you buy them. And it's better than 98 percent of what people are using out there.”

Question: You started this business in Comanche a few years ago. What drew you to Stephenville?

Answer: (Don) “Last year, partially because of the drought and the fact there are only 14,000 people in the whole county, our business dropped 60 percent. At first I thought it was us, but then I realized it wasn't. And James kept telling me, 'Dad, we're running out of people. We need to relocate.' We still have Comanche, but we came here to expand. Comanche is more of a pick up and drop off place now. We still have people there who need our services. But we bring their computers here to fix.”

(James) “We are developing a good following here. Everything we do is above board. There are no hidden charges. We inform people of the cost before we do anything so they can make an informed decision.”