A disabled man bitten by a pit bull Monday received only minor injuries.

Danny McDaniel was released from the hospital late Monday with bandages covering minor scratches and scrapes received from the unprovoked attack. The 60-pound dog broke free from a small chain and bit the man's right arm and left leg while he was driving a motorized wheelchair on Bates Street Monday afternoon.

"It's a very strong dog," said Animal Control Officer Scott Whiteley. "Considering his disability, we were lucky he wasn't hurt worse."

The city is in the process of deeming the dog dangerous and instating restrictions to its continued ownership and care within the city limits.

Monday's attack was the second time the pit bull has bitten. In a minor attack earlier this year, the dog bit a house guest while chained in a fenced area.

"The first attack was not as volatile or vicious in nature, and considering all circumstances, it was an isolated incident and it was not deemed dangerous at that time," Whiteley said.

In accordance with city ordinance, the owner must maintain at least $100,000 liability insurance on the animal and the dog must be kept in a secure enclosure at least 100-feet away from any occupied building. Dangerous dog signs must be displayed and tags worn.

If the dog still proves problematic after that, the dog can either be removed from the city or put down.

It will remain under quarantine until Aug. 30, when the owner can sign over responsibility to the city, comply with restrictions or appeal the dangerous dog order.