The week of July 15-18 held many new experiences for over three-hundred and fifty 4-Hers from across the state. Every other year the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program hosts an event called Texas 4-H Congress, this is a premiere citizenship and leadership event offered for Texas 4-H members. This event allows 4-H members from across the State to participate in the legislative process.

4-H members who participate have the opportunity to serve in one of six roles: House Member, Senate Member, Lobbyist, Press Corp, Technology Team or as a member of the Texas 4-H State Council. Once participants are selected, they have the opportunity to apply to be a Lobbyist, Press Corp member or a member of the Technology Team; otherwise they will remain a member of either the House or the Senate.

Each county across the state who has 4-H members participating in Congress are required to submit at least one Bill to be utilized in the Legislative process at Congress. Erath 4-H members participating came together this summer to write a bill for submission. Being the Erath County representation, they chose to write a bill in regards to the Dairy Industry.

Erath 4-H was proud to have three of their own members participate in 2012 Texas 4-H Congress; Kenna Faulkenberry, Kylie Manning and Chase Vineyard. Chase has served as the 2011-2012 State 4-H Council President and was able to serve as the Governor during Texas 4-H Congress. Kenna Faulkenberry was a member of the House of Representatives and Kylie Manning was a member of the Senate.

Along with serving as members of Congress, these 4-H Members also had the opportunity to meet Gov. Rick Perry.