It was a crime that stunned Stephenville when a man walked into Allsup's convenience store on June 10 and opened fire.

After allegedly firing several rounds inside the store, Joshua Fritz, then walked outside with stolen merchandise and began indiscriminately shooting at vehicles.

Unbelievably, no one was hurt in the incident in large part because of three individuals who acted quickly in notifying authorities and helping officers take down the shooter and secure his weapon.

On Tuesday, Stephenville Police Chief Patrick Bridges recognized those men for their "courageous actions."

Terry Taylor was responsible for making one of the initial calls to police.

"During the incident, Taylor remained on the telephone with Stephenville dispatchers and provided timely and critical updates on the suspect's actions and his locations," Bridges read from a commendation. "The information provided by Taylor was critical to responding police units."

Gary Henderson was recognized for securing the suspect's weapon.

"Once the suspect began fighting with the responding officers, Henderson recognized the immediate danger of the firearm remaining in a spot where the suspect might be able to reacquire it," Bridges said. "Henderson maintained control of the suspect's firearm until relieved of the responsibility by police officers who arrived at the scene after the suspect was taken into custody."

Steven Coots was credited for physically engaging Fritz during the incident.

"Coots assisted the initial responding officers by physically engaging the suspect," Bridges said. "Coots' swift action ensured that no serious injuries were sustained to the arresting officers or the suspect."

Mayor Kenny Weldon said the citizens had the "heart of a servant."

"Heroes are common people who do uncommon things," Weldon said.

Meanwhile, Fritz is being held at the Erath County Jail on a $700,000 bond.

He has been charged with aggravated robbery, attempting to take a weapon away from a peace officer and three counts of deadly conduct.