Thursday morning was an exciting one for incoming freshmen participating in Stephenville High School's Fish Camp, an event held annually to familiarize the newcomers to the campus they will begin attending later this month.

Staff, including principal Travis Stilwell and assistant principals Jan Vaughn and Stephanie Traweek, have been busy with preparations to make for a fun event, and a look at the faces of the camp attendees proved their efforts led to a resounding success.

Vaughn was excited about the more than 200 students who attended the camp.

“We are having a fantastic turnout,” she said early that morning. “And those freshmen are having a blast right now, playing tug-of-war. And we appreciate our companies in town that have helped us in sponsoring Fish Camp with T-shirts and prize money.”

Students had an extra incentive to win the tug-of-war - a $10 prize for each member of the winning team. It was enough of a motivation to inspire a competitive streak in even the most reserved of teens.

Interspersed among the fun of a “Freshman Feud” game and a fashion show modeled by members of the student council were serious discussions about making good choices and rules related to procedures and dress code.

Stilwell voiced his excitement later that afternoon about his new students.

“I'm looking forward to working with this group,” he said. “They came and had fun. Their enthusiasm was contagious for us all. I know they are going to be a good class.”