One day after winning the Republican nomination for state representative of District 59, Dr. J.D. Sheffield is turning his attention to November when he will take on Democrat and Dublin resident Bill Norris.

Sheffield, a Gatesville resident who serves as medical director of Coryell Medical Center and is the former chief of staff at Coryell Memorial Hospital, surprised many with his big win Tuesday over Sid Miller, a six-term incumbent.

Sheffield won big in Coryell, the largest county in the district, where he garnered more than 3,500 votes. It was an area his campaign manager, Glenn Jeffers, said they worked hard.

"We had a lot of volunteers who helped us walk blocks and talk to voters," Sheffield said. "J.D. led the charge and was relentless."

Jeffers said they knew they had the campaign locked up Tuesday night when Coryell's final votes were tallied.

"We knew we were in good shape when Coryell County posted numbers," Jeffers said. "We only lost by about 800 votes in Erath County so we felt good."

After taking a week off from the campaign trail, Jeffers said Sheffield and a host of volunteers will begin preparing for Nov. 6.

"We plan on hitting it full stride," Jeffers said. "We will visit Erath County in the next couple of weeks and reach out to voters and get to know them better."

Complete results from District 59 were not available at press time Tuesday. The following are the complete totals posted by the secretary of state.

Comanche County

Sheffield - 948

Miller - 867


Sheffield - 3,550

Miller - 1,314


Miller - 2,339

Sheffield - 1,565


Sheffield - 815

Miller - 516


Miller - 942

Sheffield - 639


Sheffield - 371

Miller - 303

San Saba

Sheffield - 404

Miller - 400


Miller - 468

Sheffield - 385