From well-know attractions and interesting hideaways, The Daytripper crew has one mission - to make its way across the Lone Star State sharing everything Texas has to offer.

Chet Garner, the face of The Daytripper, a television program aired by Public Broadcasting Service, and his traveling crew visited a few of Erath County's hot spots.

Garner sat down with the Empire-Tribune Friday while filming at Beans and Franks gourmet coffee and hot dog bar owned by Jeff and Jodi Weyers in Stephenville - one of several stops in his two-day local trek.

Garner said each time The Daytripper visits a city, he often relies on rave reviews from satisfied customers to select filming locations to fill the program's three elements - food, culture and outdoors. And that is exactly how he chose Beans and Franks for a lunchtime review.

While Jodi recommended the Chicago style dog, Garner asked for one that packed a punch.

"If you like spicy, the Big Nasty is the way to go," Jodi said.

The Daytripper visited Dublin Thursday, exploring the Ben Hogan Museum, Dublin Bottling Works and Veldhuizen Cheese before winding down the day at Jake and Dorothy's Cafe. Friday's filming included a stop at the Cowboy Capital Walk of Fame, Chick Elms Rodeo Shop and Grand Entry Western Store.

Garner said his tour across Erath was also a chance to visit family and return to his childhood holiday stomping ground.

"Stephenville is a special place for me," he said.

Garner's parents, Susan Smith and Ed Garner, graduated from Stephenville High School in 1969 and attended Tarleton State University. Throughout his childhood, Garner visited his grandparents, the late Donald and Elizabeth Smith and Dr. John and the late Dorris Garner.

Following the recent end of Dublin Dr Pepper, he also wanted to show viewers that Dublin and its historic bottling plant are alive and well.

In addition to Cheer Wine and Triple XXX Root Beer, Dublin Bottling Works has a line of six signature pure cane sugar glass bottled sodas - and Garner tried them all.

"I really think each of the seven are great," Garner said. "I believe the sky is the limit for Dublin Bottling Works. They didn't own the Dr Pepper name but these seven are all theirs. If Texans support the business by buying their products, I believe Dublin Bottling Works could be huge - even bigger than Dr Pepper."

The DayTripper first aired about three years ago. He embarked on the journey without a lick of television production experience. The idea behind the program, showing Texans all the places they can visit in their own backyard was his idea that started on a smaller scale "Austin Daytripper." It has since grown into a statewide program aired on all 12 PBS stations in Texas.

The Erath County episode is expected to air in the fall.

"There is not a down day in the Daytripper life," Garner said. "And it truly is a blessing from God."