Leadership Stephenville toured the Empire-Tribune office Thursday as part of its communications day. They met the staff, learned about operations and helped design Friday's front page.

The class, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, is comprised of local business leaders and community members who meet monthly for nine months to learn more about the inner workings of the city.

This year's class includes Kim Andrae, Wayne Atchley, David Baskett, Reeves Burdick, Teresa Burdick, Magan Carrasco, Ken Harriss, Debbie Hummel, Jason King, Whitney Lee, Frances Looney, Greg Millar, Wes Powell, Scott Squires, Rudy Tarpley and Aileen Truax.

The class was divided into groups Thursday and given a slate of headlines the reporters were working on for Friday's edition. The teams drew a replica of what they think the front page should look like.