Despite wet weather, a recent electronic recycling event hosted by the city of Stephenville and Techway Services was a smashing success, according to event organizers.

The event, which took place on Oct. 23 at the city's Municipal Service Center, was held in an effort to allow area residents to dispose of their out-of-date and broken electronics and divert the bulky waste from landfills.

According to Cathi Coan, co-owner of Techway Services Inc., more than 18,000 pounds of electronics were collected, including more than 200 computer monitors, which totaled more than 7,200 pounds; more than 250 computers, which totaled almost 6,000 pounds; and wire and metal, which weighed in at more than 420 pounds.

Other electronics collected included battery backups, laptop computers, televisions and printers.

Prior to the event, Coan said Techway can break all of the items down into smaller individual pieces to reuse for other equipment, and break down plastics, metals and precious metals for use in assembling new products.

She also said none of the products are exported overseas, all of them stay for reuse or reproduction in the United States.

"Sixty percent of electronics are resold in some manner and 40 percent are recycled and repurposed," Coan said.

For area residents who missed out on the event, Coan said Techway is working with the city of Stephenville to host another recycling roundup in the spring. She also said those needing to unload electronics sooner may call Techway to discuss disposal options.

For more information on Techway Services, visit, or call the local office at 254-965-9806.